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The immediate reaction of anyone touched by a disaster is to connect with their loved ones, which can prove to be difficult, or in some cases impossible. Disaster Check In is the first and only app of its kind with the ability to check in with all your loved ones all at once, by the touch of a button. Find out if everyone is safe or needs help by receiving the status of all your contacts with immediate notification alerts and accurate GPS location.

Disaster Check In, Inc. is a company specializing in disaster preparedness and communications. The use of this app may help prevent telephone system overloads, and may still be used when the power goes out, or phone lines are jammed.

Once a check-in has been submitted, an automatic alert will go out to all of your app contacts by push notifications (in app alert messages), SMS text messages, and emails. Check-in features include your status, optional text, accurate GPS, and the ability to check in your contacts. The user may also send messages to individuals or groups all at once.

The Disaster Check In app is available on Apple, Android, and the Internet. This app may also be used independently from a smart phone, by logging in here, or using the login above. This app has been downloaded in many countries around the world, and is available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and Hindi. Additional languages are coming soon. It’s a great resource for any family, whether you have loved ones nearby or in another country. Staying in contact in the most critical times has never been easier, and it's available free!

Emergencies are not a matter of "If", but "When". Prepare now, and have peace of mind for when disaster strikes. Disaster Check In provides you with the most simplistic, effective, and reliable app specifically designed for its purpose.